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Mary Engel
The Management Coach
About Mary

Mary Engel is The Management Coach, and has risen to the top of her field due to her unique approach to coaching managers. 

Mary addresses both the personal and professional lives of managers, as they are inherently linked. She motivates managers to invest in themselves because that’s what gets the best results.

With her unique and powerful method, she delivers incredible performance coaching for managers, leading to their personal happiness and professional success, making them the ideal future leaders for any company.

Work is personal. Let's stop pretending it's not.

By addressing both the personal and professional aspects of your career through management coaching, I help you develop the skills and management techniques needed to enjoy your work, get recognized and get promoted. It’s not rocket science, it’s performance coaching tailored specifically for you.

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Coaching Services for

I help managers move through life with more ease and be extraordinary contributors to their businesses.

Together we help you find a sense of balance, fulfillment and achievement.

I provide business coaching and life coaching by phone, skype or in person.

I help ambitious managers get ahead faster.

I help overwhelmed or frustrated leaders find balance.

I help all managers feel a profound sense of personal and professional success and fulfillment.

I work with managers from all walks of life, all over the world.

My Approach

Information for Executives & HR Professionals

Are you looking to help your managers succeed? Are you grooming someone for the next level?

I help managers elevate their skill, increase their engagement, and create outstanding business performance.

My one-on-one business coaching is both challenging and rewarding. It is designed to complement your ongoing management systems, practices and tools.

I bring together years of experience in management consulting, professional coaching and personal wisdom. I use proven methodologies assembled from my network of business and life coaching thought leaders.

To learn more about how I can help you equip your managers for lifelong success, click on the link below.

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